Rental Rates

Please click on the pages to the left for our standard rental rates on machines and attachments. For longer term rates or rental of other equipment please contact us.

How you save money with our Bobcat rental

1) Long term rates on short term hires save you $40 to $80 a day

Our daily rates reduce for longer hires (see the Bobcat Rates page). The DIFFERENCE is we total your individual hires. You get a better rate for each hire as your total builds up. You dont need to hire for a week to get the weekly rate. 5 seperate one day hires will put you on a weekly rate of $200 a day rather than a daily rate of $240 a day. Your rate falls progressively with each new hire to a saving of $40 a day on the 5th days hire. And it gets better still as you hire again.

After a total of 20 days hire your rate is $160 a day. A saving of $80 a day that applies to ALL subsequent hires.

2) We rent vertical lift machines that do a better and faster job

Vertical Lift2

With coventional radial lift the attachment lift path is in an arc that moves forward of the machine in the first half of the path and pulls back in the second half.
With vertical lift the lift arm pivot adjusts this to an almost straight line vertical lift path.

For machines of approximately the same size and weight vertical lift gives:-

* A larger SWL or lift capacity
* More lift height
* More reach at full lift and a larger dump angle
* A larger roll back angle in the carry position

They work better & faster because they can:-

* Dump a bigger bucket load into higher sided trucks, reach further towards the centre of the truck and at a larger dump angle

* Fill and carry a greater bucket load wih less chance of spillage

* Operate more efficiently with pallet forks and other attachments

Our rental rates are no higher for vertical lift machines.

You get these benefits at no extra rental cost.